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ISRA pharmaceutical products

What is the benefit of Go Baby Saline Nasal Spray and Go Kids Saline + Nasal Spray being able to spray in any direction?

Spraying at any angle has a distinct advantage for babies as they are usually in your arms, lying down, or wriggling. This spray bottle is easily held at any angle and will spray a gentle mist of saline with added minerals into the nostrils to dislodge and dissolve excess mucus. This allows the baby to breathe more easily. Since a blocked nose impacts negatively on a baby’s breathing, sleeping, and eating, the baby will feed and sleep better once the baby can breathe through its nose again.

What makes the GO products unique and not substitutable?

Go products are:

  • Effective nasal sprays and douches yet are non-medicated.
  • More than just a saline solution. Products contain a Ringers solution (i.e. extra minerals required in the nose) to makes it more physiological.
  • Do not contain any chemical preservatives such as benzylkonium chloride.
  • Gentle non-sting formulation
  • Will help restore your normal nasal tissue function and work at a cellular level.
  • Will not cause swelling and congestion of nasal tissue.
  • Can be used for children and during pregnancy.
  • Can be used as often as required
  • Thoroughly researched and clinically-proven in leading ENT journals.

These innovative products are formulated to work at the cellular level by washing away excess mucus and the inflammatory material it contains, whilst helping to restore normal tissue function and mucus clearance without using preservatives or medications.

Go products contain the correct ingredients to supply the cells with what they require for repair and to allow the *cilia to shift mucus and trapped pollens and irritants out of the nose and sinuses.




Why is it important that the Go products contain the extra minerals and are preservative free?

Most other nasal products do not contain the extra minerals required in the nose and some contain preservatives (e.g. benzylkonium chloride), both resulting in slowing of the *cilia movement. Preservatives could also sting and burn sensitive nasal tissue.

GO has added minerals required in the nose (to make it a more physiological Ringers solution).This helps stimulate mucus clearance and restore tissue function. In addition, GO Nasal sprays and douches are preservative-free yet remain sterile throughout the life of the product because of its unique device design.

Because GO products contain Ringers (and not just saline) & are preservative free it allows the nose to function normally.