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Go Sinus Care

GO Sinus Care Starter Kit and Refill Pack of Sachets

Sometimes spraying alone is not enough. In order to effectively wash sinuses, patients need a LARGE volume of fluid delivered at LOW pressure. GO Sinus Care will reach your sinuses to clear them and thin the mucus.

Go Sinus Care is more than just saline. It contains minerals (calcium and potassium) and glucose as found in the body’s own extra-cellular fluid. This helps the nose to function optimally. The nose requires this correct electrolyte mix and pH as is found in isotonic GO Sinus Care (known as Ringer’s solution). Go Sinus Care has also been proven to give superior post–operative result and patient satisfaction compared to a saline solution e.g. less crusting and facial pain.

  • The new-generation Sinus Douche for sinusitis, rhino-sinusitis, and post-operative care.
  • The HIGH VOLUME/LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM ensure the sinuses are reached and mucus thinned.
  • Contains a more physiological Ringers solution which has extra minerals required in the nose
  • Washes away pollen and other irritant that causes rhinitis.
  • The optimal solution for post-operative care after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with proven superior post-operative results
  • Good adjunctive treatment option for Allergic Rhinitis because it maximises the efficiency of topical nasal steroids
  • Can even be used during pregnancy
  • Starter Kit contains 200ml douche bottle with smooth nozzle, sachets and instructions.
  • Refill pack for on-going use contain 20 or 50 sachets